The number one question brides ask when choosing their gown is: "How am I supposed to use the bathroom in this?" And every bridesmaid knows that one of her main duties is to assist the bride in the restroom, holding everything up so she can sit down. It's often a group effort to prevent layers of fabric from ending up in the toilet.

A few brides have recently discovered a way to spare her friends that particular duty: by purchasing a Bridal Buddy, an elasticized slip that she can flip outward to become a bag that holds the skirt of her dress. The simple technique has been a huge hit at bridal shows. "When they see my model put her arms through the armholes, they just lose it," Heather Stenlake, inventor of the Bridal Buddy, told in March 2016. "It's so funny. Their jaws drop and they clap."

Stenlake came up with the concept for Bridal Buddy about 15 years ago, when working at a bridal shop in Pennsylvania. She created a prototype slip, but set it aside to raise a family. "About a year and a half ago, I brought it back out and thought, it's time," she said.

Since then, Stenlake has been quite busy getting her business going and making sales. It's all part of her mission, as outlined on the Bridal Buddy website, "to save the brides of the world from having a horrible bathroom bridal experience, one Bridal Buddy at a time."